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sexo en Madrid

I am Mandy, a Columbian girl working as full time Russian Escort. I have everything that you desire in your loving girlfriend i.e. compassionate nature, great figure and lovely looks. I am well suited to romance with you after office hours. I will accompany you to dinner dates, official parties and finest places in the city.
After hanging out, I will invite you to my bedroom where both of us can make passionate love with each other. My love skills include deep French kissing, whole body kissing, sensual massage, playing erotic games with you in bed and finally deriving you pleasure through multiple KS positions.
I don’t indulge in smoking and drinking as I don’t like it taste. In-fact, I prefer men who respect woman and do not cross their limits after heavy drinking.  As an escort, I expect to be treated like a lady; hence avoid uncouth men.  I prefer going on date with high profile men such as businessperson, corporate executive etc.
Please call my agency to get a date with me. I would love to be your loving companion for some hours.

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My sex story

I still remember my first night as a Call girl. I was extremely nervous and the guy was an Arabic man. I have heard from my friends that Arab men treat escorts quite harshly. They humiliated them, tell them to do things which girls don’t want to. I was quite in need in money and could refuse him at all. I cursed my luck for my first date. I encouraged myself thinking it is just about an hour, I have to tolerate him, get paid and get going.
I arrived in his hotel suite on time. I was wearing a normal t-shirt and a jean for encounter. The Arab was in middle age, stout and short height. To create a friendly atmosphere, I started conversation. I asked where he was from, what does he do and who are in his family. He told me he was from Qatar, he was a businessman, and he had 8 wives. He told me genuinely that he enjoyed violating modesty of woman, especially white independent woman. I was petrified to hear this. It was my first sexual encounter and it was turning out to be a nightmare.
I was in tears. The guy didn’t sympthasize with me at all. In a firm voice, he said, “Take off your clothes.” I started crying, looking at my vulnerable position, he told me, “Look, Young girl, just take off your clothes, or I will rip them apart, take your nude pics and upload them on net. Do you want me to do that?” “I know you need money and I am not gone pay for it if you don’t strip.”
With shivering hands, I removed my shirt, unzipped my pants and within five minutes was standing in bra and panty in front of him. He told me to stop and stare my beautiful body from top to bottom. After some minutes, he rose from his seat, took out a knife and start moving it on my gentle body. I shivered when knife’s cold metal touch my smooth skin. He cut my bra into two pieces with a single strike of his knife. Then he removed my panties too.  Now, I was standing completely nude in front of him.  He lifted my face and start kissing my lips passionately.  He was a really good kisser and his lips move into my mouth. Then, he lifted me up and put me on his soft bed. He took out 4 handcuffs from his pocket. I knew what exactly his intention was. He tied me hands and legs with four corners of bed. Then, he took a neat smooth black cloth from his coat and closed my eyes with it.
I knew within a moment, that I was going to be raped and humiliated. I really cursed my situation. But, I was quite helpless. Moving back to sexual encounter, after tying me up, he picked up oil from bathroom and started applying it all over my body. His firm and strong hands move all over my body. Starting from lips to ending in my long legs, I was well oiled.  After massaging me, he started kissing me passionately. He kissed my lips, played with my tits and ended up on navel. Unlike other men, who play with breasts of women, he stuck to my smooth stomach and my long legs. He kissed my navel and my smooth long legs. Then, he spread my legs, and inserted his oily finger inside my vagina. I started sweating when his finger moved inside my vagina. Soon, I had an orgasm.
I started panting with excitement and he laughed looking at my situation. After that, he removed his underwear and his cock slipped into my vagina with ease. While his cock was inside my body, his firm hands rested on my breasts. He moved his cock inside my body with full force and soon we both had reached an orgasm.
Then, he untied my hands and asked my gently how was sexual encounter. I told him, it was great, but I was really scared initially. He just told me that he loves frightening woman, but he was quite gentle inside.  After, sexual encounter, he took me out to lunch and then when to his job.
I remember it as my best sexual encounter since I never expected such a great experience. I was expecting worse, but surprisingly it turned out to be a good sexual encounter. 

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